Monday, 6 August 2012

My Fictional Love Of The Day

So if you've seen my 'About Me' page, you may have noticed that I wrote something about the amount of fictional boyfriends that I have. Yes, well it's true- I do have 132 fictional boyfriends.
No, I'm not ashamed about it.
And now I've decided to shine a spotlight on each of my fictional loves every now and then. (Sometimes I will focus on the girls, because you have to talk about your fictional best friends often, right? Right.)

What is the point of this? Well, it will be little posts to let you know that I'm alive in between my larger posts. And also, it's kinda like a review in itself- Except, instead of the whole book, it only focuses on the one character.
When will these posts start coming? Maybe later tonight, maybe tomorrow. It depends on how I'm feeling.
Will they be posted regularly? Well, no. This is not a meme, so it does not have a specific day of when it will be posted. It will just come out whenever I find them time, or whenever I find a character that I really want to focus on!

Thank you Amy. You're welcome Amy, it was nice to answer your questions that will help people understand the finer details of this. /End of Creepy Conversation With Myself

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