Policies & Contact

*The following policies are up to date as of August 8, 2012*

Contact Me: The two easiest ways to reach me would be through:
  1. Twitter: @AmyConroy6 (For not so serious questions/comments)
  2. Email: thegirlthatreads(at)gmail(dot)com. (For serious enquires)
I will be checking my mentions on twitter and my email everyday unless otherwise stated somewhere on this blog.

Reviews: Each of my reviews will be totally honest and will express all the thoughts and feelings that I had about the book, whether good or bad.
Every review will be totally different, meaning that each of my reviews will show whatever I found popped out to me while reading the book. Once again, that means if something bad stood out to me- I'll talk about it in my review. At the same time, if something good stood out, I'll talk about it as well.

My reviews will contain the cover photo, the title, the authors name, the publisher, my rating (Please check the rating system to see how I rate), my source, release date, link to buy it on amazon, link to buy it on barnes & noble, link to watch the book trailer and a link to the authors website.

I will also put my review on goodreads.

The Books: I will mostly review Young Adult books, any genre that falls under this category I will be happy to review.

Unless I get sent a copy of a book to review, the books that you will find being reviewed on this blog will be the ones of my choosing.

I will not accept: Any romantic/erotica books. I am a teenager, so keep that in mind please. You will never see any books that fall under those categories being reviewed on this blog.

Review Copies/ARCs: I am more than willing to accept review copies or ARCs for review. Just send me an email if you think that I will enjoy your book (thegirlthatreads(at)gmail(dot)com).

I do have the right to say no to your request if I think that I won't like the book. I dread giving bad reviews.

If I get the book and decide not to review it, I do have the right not to tell you. But if I do decide to review it, I will try to read the book and publish the review within two weeks of getting the book in my hands.

I will accept e-books, I love reading off of my Kobo e-reader. Books sent to me in this format will most likely be read and reviewed much faster than hard copy books- Mostly because of the convenience for me.

Blog Tours: I am more than willing to host them, just drop me an email (thegirlthatreads(at)gmail(dot)com).  I love the idea of them! I will do everything I can to publicise the blog tour, if it stops at my blog. So you will be guaranteed publicity and attention.

Author Interviews/Giveaways: When it comes to these two, I am more than willing to do them for you. Once again, just send me an email at thegirlthatreads(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you would like to do both the giveaway and interview as one, I would love that. The only thing I ask is that the person offering something for the giveaway, pay for their own postage.

Authors/Publishers/Agents: Now that you've read through the policy think that your book is a suit for me, just send me an email with the synopsis, cover, title and authors name- along with any other additional information that you chose to include.

I am willing to help publicise your book in any way on my blog.

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