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Book Review: Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot

Title: Boy Meets Girl
Author: Meg Cabot
Release Date: January 8 2004
Publisher: Harper Collins
Source: Personal Copy (E-Book)
Rating: 3 Pretty Lipsticks


"Meet Kate Mackenzie. She:
  • works for the T.O.D. (short for Tyrannical Office Despot, also known as Amy Jenkins, Director of the Human Resources Division at the New York Journal)
  • is sleeping on the couch because her boyfriend of ten years refuses to commit
  • can't find an affordable studio apartment anywhere in New York City
  • thinks things can't get any worse.
They can. Because:
  • the T.O.D. is making her fire the most popular employee in the paper's senior staff dining room
  • that employee is now suing Kate for wrongful termination, and
  • now Kate has to give a deposition in front of Mitch Hertzog, the scion of one of Manhattan's wealthiest law families, who embraces everything Kate most despises ... but also happens to have a nice smile and a killer bod.
The last thing anybody—least of all Kate Mackenzie—expects to find in a legal arbitration is love. But that's the kind of thing that can happen when ... Boy Meets Girl."


The novel had an awesome plot, Kate fires the cookie lady (Or was it pies? Or cakes? It was something like that, I just remember it sounding realllly delicious!) and the cookie/pie/cake lady sues her. Blah, blah, blah- cue boring lawyer talk. Then the cute lawyer that the company hires comes to defend Kate- and his name happens to be Mitch Hertzog. Come on, someone with a name like that is definitely been swoon worthy.

But alas, this book and me were not meant for each other. That's all that I can say. We didn't have that connection or that bond that I get with other Meg Cabot books.

I think that the main source for this lack of bondage was the writing style. The entire book was written in Emails, IMs, Texts, etc. That means that you never got into the characters head. Not once throughout the whole book did I find out what Kate was feeling, which is one of my favourite aspects of a book! The plot was there, but the writing was not.

It was like the entire novel was one big conversation. You found out what went on, who was there, what was said. But you didn't mind out what was felt, or what was thought. Unless they actually said it aloud.

That being said, I did find some parts of this book enjoyable! There were some hilarious moments- I'm sorry, but any scene with Dale in it made a grin appear on my face. I mean, anything that came out of his mouth was just so idiotic and not right that even someone with no sense of humour will find themselves laughing. And then quickly stopping because it is not right for someone with no sense of humour to laugh.

I also liked the conversations that happened between Jen and Kate. It was in these conversations that you learned a lot about the characters- not just Kate and Jen, but also other characters in the book. Because these two girls just loved to gossip! It kind of reminds me of how teenage girls are- Yes, you know what I mean. Jen and Kate are just over payed gossipping-teenage girls.

Moving on. Now, I love my love stories in novels that I read- even just a little crush has me swooning. But while reading Boy Meets Girl I really noticed my lack of *Squee*'s, Swoons and tingles. It's just another downside in the writing style. You really don't even notice that there is a love story going on, because you don't get a good grasp of the emotion that the characters are showing through their texts and emails.

But there was still a love story going on. Which be came incredibly obvious towards the end of the book. In the beginning though, we learn about a different love interest of Kate's- her crazy ex, Dale. Which just adds more and more drama to the story line. Which makes it more and more funny and enjoyable.

Mitch was definitely swoon worthy, because somehow Meg Cabot found the perfect way to describe him and his gorgeousness through the journal entries and the writing on the back of receipts. Helping you to understand exactly why Kate finds him so attractive and wants to pursue and relationship with him.

Overall, this book had it's fair share of goods and bads (AKA things Amy approves of and things Amy doesn't). Which is why I found myself closing down the book, happy with the ending.

Recommended for those who like: Chick lits, etc.
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