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*Hands you a cupcake*
That's a tad bit for stopping by- but that's mostly for clicking on this 'About Me' page, because that means you want to know more about this crazy girl that will be writing these reviews!
So enjoy your invisible-but delicious- cupcake as you read through the rest of my About Me page. Because we all know that you want to know more about me.
Well then, let's start with the obvious stuff- My name is Amy and I am a girl.
Now that we have the awkward stuff out of the way, let's move on. I'm in love with fictional boys, all of them. Come on, who doesn't fall in love with these boys that are so perfect to their girlfriends? But don't worry, their girlfriends don't exist- like geese, they're fictional. So they aren't cheating on their girls with me. They only love me. All 132 of my fictional boyfriends- Only. Love. Me. BE JEALOUS.
Okay, since you are now jealous and eating a cupcake- let's get away from the topic of love and onto the topic of books- The reason that you're here. I'm guessing. Maybe. Maybe not? Prove me wrong my readers, prove me wrong.
So books. I love them. If I could I would eat them, breath them, live in them. But unfortunately, it is just not possible yet. So instead, I settle on reading them, writing them and blogging about them. I do suck them in, reading at least one book a day. And that's on my bad days.
"Amy's Book Blog" was created on the very last day of July 2012 (The 31st) by me, with the sole purpose of getting to share my thoughts and feelings on books.
This blog will mostly house book reviews, but I do love some of these memes that I see floating around, so you'll often seem some of them pop up on the blog. And also I'll talk about new releases that are highly anticipated (By me).
Keep in mind though, when September rolls around school and writing will be my number one priorities. Then this blog third, but third is really high up on my list which has like 5000000 things on it.
So that's it for me. I have to go, but you can keep the cupcake. Let me know how you like it! Talk to you soon,

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